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How To: Replace / Change Your iPhone 5 Battery – DIY Guide by ScandiTech (v2)


[New version] Tutorial / Walk-Through : Replace your iPhone 5 battery in minutes, a video by Scandi Tech!

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Find our iPhone 5S (& 5C) battery replacement guide here:

In this video we show how to replace an iPhone 5 battery by removing the front assembly completely. This is not necessary but most first time technicians find it easier to work with both hands free. If you proceed by *not* removing the front assembly, it needs to be held securely at a 90 degree angle or the cables can get damaged or tear. This results in loss of LCD, touch or front camera functionality.
We have made a quick guide showing how to replace the battery without removing the front assembly:

We urge everyone to also read our text/image instructions before attempting the battery replacement as it can get tricky and if not done correctly, there is a risk of damaging various components.
To see our full guide with detailed instructions, visit our website:


We made this video to show everyone that it doesn't take an Apple-genius or a highly trained technician to remove and replace an iPhone 5 battery – anyone can do it!

A battery in an iPhone 5, or any smartphone for that matter, works like any other battery – it wears out with time. After about 300 cycles, i.e. 300 full charges and discharges, a significant drop in performance is noticeable. The older and more used the battery gets, the more obvious is the performance drop. In the end the phone can end up shutting down when the battery percentage drops below 10-20%. In this case a fresh, new battery brings the phone back to life.

In some cases the battery swells. This results in the glass/digitizer lifting from its frame. If the battery is very swollen, it's not uncommon that a gap is apparent between the glass and the metal back assembly. This problem can also be fixed by replacing the battery.


Product info:
The iPhone 5 battery replacement kit linked in the description is a complete kit with battery, tools and instructions – everything you need to get the battery replacement done!
Our batteries are manually tested before they leaves our quality control center and they are packaged in a ESD safe bag before placed between two layers of protective foam. The tools are carefully chosen to make the battery replacement process as easy and smooth as possible. We've also chosen to include metal tweezers as it's a very handy tool and can be used both to open the phone as well as picking up screws and other small parts inside the phone.