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Tour the Wi-Fi enabled smart home of tomorrow, that you can totally buy today


Smartphone. Smart watch. Smart TV. We expect intelligence from all of our personal electronicsbut our homes are largely behind the curve. We leave notes on the refrigerator for each other and prematurely return home to check whether we closed the garage door, so why dont we just communicate with smoke signals and churn our own butter while were at it?

Thankfully, an impressive wave of new technology is here to automate every aspect of your home. From lights and thermostats to cameras and security systems, youll get convenience and peace of mind from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

To do that, youll need a robust Wi-Fi connection that delivers broadband internet to the whole house. There are tons of ways the Orbi by NETGEAR Wi-Fi router and satellite can wirelessly connect your entire home to your device of choice, so we envisioned the possibilities for your smart home of the future.

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