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The Mail Arrives At This Home With A Special Deliverer, A Floppy German Shepherd Pup


Sometimes I really wish I had something cute and fluffy to wake me up every morning. Don’t you?

I think everyone would agree with that hope. Unless, they already have it.

I remember seeing that video of the adorable little puppy waking up a man’s girlfriend in bed. She had no idea at first, but both of them just cuddled without question.If that happened to me, I would think I was still dreaming!

Even having your breakfast just brought to you in bed, or the Sunday morning paper being brought inside your house rather than just left outside for you to wobble over and pick up.

That Sunday morning paper is delivered exactly the way I’d want it to be in the video below.

An adorable German shepherd puppy runs out to the driveway, picks up the paper, and bounces back to the door.

When you see his ears flop and his cute little voice wait for someone to answer the door, your heart will melt.

A trip to a puppy store is in the cards for me, hopefully very soon. Whether my new dog will bring me the mail or not, as long as she has cute floppy ears like this one, I’ll be a happy camper.

I know this family must love their little guy being their personal mailman. Who wouldn’t?

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