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Teacher Says Left-Handed 4-Year-Old Is Evil, Then Sends Him Home With Angry Note For Mom


Zayde is 4 years old and is just learning to read and write in prekindergarten at Oakes Elementary in Okemah, OK. One day, his mom noticed that Zayde was writing with his right hand.

I just asked Is there anything his teachers ever asked about his hands? And he raises this one and says, ‘This ones bad,’ Alisha Sands said.

It was peculiarbecause, like Alisha, Zayde is left-handed.From picking things up to throwing things, to batting, to writing, to just coloring youd do at home with him, hes always, always used his left hand, Sands said.

Sandswrote the teacher a letter asking why Zayde was forced to write with his oppositehand. The teacher sent back a hostile letter.

The letter contained an article referring to people who write with their left hands as “evil,” “unlucky,” and “sinister.” A passage even said this: “For example, the devil is often portrayed as left-handed.

It breaks my heart for him because someone actually believes that, believes my child is evil because hes left-handed, its crazy, Sandssaid.

Schools around the country have been in the hot seat for what many parents believe are cruel practices. Agym teacher is under fire for forcing students to do bear crawls on hot turf.

She took the letter to the superintendent, but the teacher hasn’t been reprimanded.

There was no suspension of any kind. There was basically nothing done to this teacher, Alishasays. She told them she thought I needed literature on it.

Do you think left-handed people are “sinister,” or is this an outdated practice best left in the past? Let us know in the comments!

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