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Daughters Instincts Are Right When She Calls Cops To Check On Her Fathers Home


As our parents gets older, we begin to worry more and more for their safety and well-being. Anything can prove to be dangerous for them: maybe it’s a flight of stairs, or simply crossing the street. Health problems can arise, or existing ones can worsen. We wish we could be closer to them, if we live far away. From a long distance away, knowing they are safe becomes difficult.

London Bell and her sister Andrea live far away from their father, who residesin Salt Lake City. He has heart problems, so whenthey hadn’t heard from him in days, andhe stopped taking phone calls, they knew something was wrong.

London says their instincts told them to call the police to perform a welfare check on their father.

Detective Cody Lougy was the officer who answered the call. He knocked on the dad’s apartment door, and there was no answer.

But instead of walking away, Lougy went a step further to investigate what was inside the home. Knowing of the man’s heart problems, he called to have the door forced open.

And it’s lucky he did: he found London’s father lying on the floor, in the midst of suffering from a heart attack. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where he received the appropriate emergency medical that ended up saving his life.

The family is, of course, relieved, but also thankful for the officer’s thoroughness!

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