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Creep Pushes His Way Into Home, Then Mom Grabs A Pipe To Protect Her Baby


Kayla Tamburello may have been the target of a home intruder because of her petite size. Standing at 4’11″ and about 100 pounds, any perp might think she’s an easy mark.

Boy, would they be wrong. When a man knocked on Tamburello’s door claiming to be a landscaper, she told him she wasn’t interested. The mother of two was shocked when he pushed his way through the door.

It was almost shut, he put all of his body weight into it, I pushed back and thats when he came full force in with both hands and pushed the door all the way open and I fell on my back in the doorway, she explained.

Then Tamburello noticed that the man, now in her home, was closer to her son than she was. Her instincts kicked in. She grabbed a pipe shehad been using to turn off the water meter. She started swinging for her dear life.

I hit him flatways the first time in the shoulder area, he stumbled back and I hit him with the flat part again, except that time it was right on the side of his face,” she said.

The intruder crawledhis way out the front door.

I hope he learned his lesson and that you never know whos going to be the one that does you in, she said.

Police are still investigating the situation, but fortunately Tamburello’s son slept through the entire ordeal. While she says her arms are a little sore from swinging the pipe, she is fine.

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