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Conservatives attempt to parody Bill Maher, fail by being funny



The return of “Real Time with Bill Maher” to HBO tonight promises to raise as many questions as it answers. For example, is that show still on? Did it go somewhere? Does anyone really find Bill Maher funny?

We heard from Maher earlier today, where he was practicing his peculiar brand of “post-racial” humor, or — more accurately — his peculiar brand of “post-humor” racism. But don’t let the keen political insight get lost in the laughs.

I see #MittRomney and #PaulRyan have taken to calling themselves America's Comeback Team. Cuz #PussyRiot was taken.

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) August 17, 2012

If you didn’t notice over the past week that Paul Ryan is white, your HBO subscription just paid for itself. Who else is crazy enough to point this stuff out?

Scientists couldn't believe it. The Mitt Romney ticket got whiter.Paul Ryan. Bill Maher is back on.

— Wylie Jones (@Wylieknowords) August 18, 2012

If golf-playing Barack Obama is, as Maher claims, too white for progressives, is it possible that Maher is just too funny for conservatives? Someone out there must get a chuckle out of this guy, right? How funny is he?

Bill Maher's a Terminator of Not Funny. Over a titanium battle-chasis of Not Funny is a synthetically grown human skin of Not Funny.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) August 18, 2012

Bill Maher's angling for Secretary of Not Being Funny.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) August 17, 2012

New Yorker Cartoons turn to each other and say, "Wow, Bill Maher really is not funny."

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) August 18, 2012

Hey, this seems to be going somewhere. Maybe we can put together some draft material for Maher.

#billmaherdraftjoke This Mitt Romney, oh boy I'll tell ya. He's so rich he calls Downton Abbey "British Good Times."

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) August 18, 2012

actually that was kind of funny. It's actually hard to do @billmaher because he seems to go out of his way to not be funny at all.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) August 18, 2012

#billmaherdraftjoke And this Paul Ryan, don't get me started. Paul Ryan's so white he makes Mitt Romney look like Flip Wilson, ohhh!

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) August 18, 2012

Maher is a professional comedian. Please use caution when attempting to craft these jokes at home.

#draftbillmaherjoke Mitt Romney can't drive a convertible. No place to put the dog. @AceofSpadesHQ

— Arthur Kimes (@ComradeArthur) August 18, 2012

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